Why choose western red cedar for your wooden Bath Caddy ?

10th Jan 2014

Why choose western red cedar for your wooden Bath Caddy ?



A bath is a great way to relax, it can soothe your body and take your mind of a days activities.

 Want to read a book, create some atmosphere, have a glass of wine.

 A bath caddy (sometimes called a bath tray) is a great way to make your bath look stylish and creates a beautiful space to hold a variety of items

 You can place a scented lit candle and turn the lights down to aid in relaxation. Add some bubble bath, epsom salts and a head rest, just lie back and enjoy

 A glass of wine and a good book maybe ?

 The Bath Tray also adds space for your bath products like shampoos, soap and conditioners.

 Either way a cedar wooden bath caddy with marine grade stainless steel fittings will outlast most other inferior timbers, plastics and silver looking caddies ( most stainless steel  bath caddies are of such poor quality steel they will rust and look  terrible in no time. You have probably had this experience if you have bought a stainless steel BBQ or ceiling fan and been surprised how quickly they begin to look bad.


A cedar bath caddy will resist mould and mildew, will not rot and will release a wonderful scent when wet.

 The beauty of Cedar is you do not need to treat the timber. You can leave it natural which means no painting , oiling or staining. 

 Your western red cedar bath caddy will look great and last for years with no effort.


To work out what size bath caddy you will need, simply measure the external width of the bath. 

 Check the measurement if you have a wall on one side. You may be able to slide the caddy over towards the wall to accommodate the size of the caddy you buy. Most baths are approximately 80cm wide. Modern baths can be oval shaped, so the caddy can slide up and down to suit your location.

 A good quality wooden bath caddy will provide genuine rubber stoppers which can be fitted to the base to eliminate the caddy slipping off the bath if required.


You can see what Cedar Magic has to offer here  Wooden Bath Caddy