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Bonsai stand, strong, durable, elegant, all weather timber outdoor cedar bonsai dai

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I had a request to design and build an outdoor bonsai stand. So I came up with a design from durable western red cedar that would withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. The design is simple with clean lines that allows you to create different heights to display your bonsai however you like. The stand or "dai" (as they say in japanese) can be left in its natural timber state, where it  will age to a wonderful silver /grey colour to blend into the natural environment. However you can treat the timber with a variety of coatings to create whatever look you are after.. The stands are glued and screwed for long life. the stand below in the photo 29cm x 29cm x 12cm high. However we also make a larger one 39cm x 39cm x12 cm high. Fell free to have a look at our website for more information


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Byron Bay australia

bonsai stand timber cedar outdoors

How to keep your feet dry in the shower toilet of your camper van or motorhome

Have you ever been to toilet during the night  in your camper van or motorhome, only to find yourself stepping in a puddle of water. Well we have the perfect solution. A custom made cedar math mat. Light, dries quickly and wont go mouldy. You will also have a wonderful scent arise from the cedar [...]

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Australian Natural Australian Handmade Wooden Children's Building Blocks

Have been looking for some you children's blocks that are made in Australia. Well, we handcraft right here in Byron Bay western red cedar building blocks which have Chain of Custody FSC® Certification, PEFC and Green Tag Certification to make it a truly sustainable timber. All the timber is natural and untreated. Western red cedar is light, durable and [...]

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Wooden Toothbrush Holder Custom Made from Western Red Cedar

We needed a new toothbrush holder for the bathroom because the old ceramic one just kept getting grimy and mouldy. So I set about designing and constructing my own custom made wooden one. We used western red cedar of course, for all its fantastic properties in a wet environment. You can find out all the [...]

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Do You Need a Custom Made Wooden Cedar Bath Mat or Bath Caddy

Everybody has a different size bathroom, so sometimes you need custom made products, this is not always easy or convenient and often not cheap.  However, here at Cedar Magic we have been designing and manufacturing cedar bathroom products since 1988. We make a variety of standard sizes, but we always get requests for particular sizes. We [...]

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A wooden soap dish to match my cedar bath mat or caddy

I was recently asked to "do you make a cedar soap dish ?" And my immediate response was "NO !" The question was from a lady who was considering purchasing a bath caddy and bath matand was looking for something to match with her soap.It got me thinking, and I came up with a simple, elegant [...]

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Why choose western red cedar for your wooden Bath Caddy ?

Why choose western red cedar for your wooden Bath Caddy ?     A bath is a great way to relax, it can soothe your body and take your mind of a days activities.  Want to read a book, create some atmosphere, have a glass of wine.  A bath caddy (sometimes called a bath tray) is a great way to [...]

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Top ten reasons to choose a wooden bath mat

Top 10 reasons to choose a wooden cedar bath mat   Why choose a  cedarmagic bath mat made from cedar wood ?   There are plenty of reasons to choose a wooden bath mat instead of a mat made from fabric.   Heres some of them 1. A wooden bath mat made from cedar has a wonderful aroma. The natural scent of [...]

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A Structurally Well Crafted Cedar Bath Mat And Bath Caddy

There is a material that has been found that is as beautiful as it is functional. This material requires zero maintenance, like oiling or staining. It's very tough, well-crafted, weather resistant and it's a product that has been built to last. We at Cedar Magic have taken this material and have been building amazing products [...]

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Is Western Red Cedar a sustainable timber suitable for chairs or bath mats

 Western Red Cedar is one of the most sustainable building products available. It produces fewer greenhouse gases, generates less water and air pollution, requires less energy to produce than alternatives and comes from a reliable,trusted, renewable and sustainable resource.British columbia, the main source of Western Red Cedar, has an area almost as large as the United [...]

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