The advantages of a wooden cedar bath mat

16th Aug 2013



The advantages of a wooden cedar bath mat are numerous. Lets first clarify by what we mean when we say Cedar. There are many types of Cedar, but the timber most suited to wet areas( such as bathrooms) is Western Red Red Cedar (sometimes known as Pacific Red Cedar or Shinglewood). Western Red Cedar does not grow in Australia because it is attacked by, ironically, the cedar moth. However the good news is most Cedar comes from  British Columbia which has a world class sustainable forestry industry and Cedar is classified as least concern amongst endangered trees. 


So what else makes a Western Red Cedar Bath Mat advantageous over other types of bath mats. Cedar has specific properties which make it resistant to mould, and naturally occurring oils which help preserve the timber. So a properly constructed cedar mat will stand up really well in a bathroom environment. Other types of timbers can be used but will require constant oiling,staining or varnishing. Even then mould, rot and deterioration can occur. Cedar can be left untreated  and you will be rewarded with a wonderful aroma, enhanced each time the timber is wet. 


Cedar is strong, but its softness creates a luxurious feel underfoot.. The timber has the ability to absorb some of the water from your feet which helps in the drying process.


One of the great advantages of a wooden bath mat is you can leave it on the floor and not be concerned with it going mouldy or becoming smelly. So you can eliminate the constant bending over, maybe picking up after others, and the washing that goes with it. So when you look at buying a wooden bath mat, ideally you want to be able to leave it on the floor and not have to pick it up. So consider the layout of your bathroom. Do you have enough room for the  bathroom door to open, does the shower door open inwards or outwards and do you have enough clearance. You may need to consider a slimline cedar version.

slimline wooden cedar bath mat.jpg

 So if you think a Western Red Cedar bath mat would enhance the look of your bathroom and you have the space, go ahead try one. You may never look back

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