How to keep my feet dry in my caravan camper van shower toilet

How to keep my feet dry in my caravan camper van shower toilet

2nd May 2022

Are your feet getting wet in your caravan or camper van toilet ?

Why not try a timber western red cedar bath mat. The top of the cedar bath mat dries quickly, even if the plastic base is still wet. 

Here's our top reasons to try one

1. A western red cedar bath mat is great way to keep your feet dry. This is my favourite reason

2. A wooden bath mat made from cedar has a wonderful aroma. The natural scent of the timber is constantly being recharged every time it gets wet.

3. A Cedar bath mat looks fabulous and will enhance the look of your caravan or camper van. You can choose a standard size 60cm x 40cm) or a Large bath mat size (80cm x 40cm) ready to go. Or  you can even have one custom made to suit. 

4. Cedar has a natural ability to resist mould and mildew. This is essential in a wet area. Lots of timber will deteriorate if it gets wet all the time.

5. Cedar is a soft and absorbent timber and feels luxurious under foot. 

6. A properly constructed glued and screwed cedar mat will last for years 

7. You can create a firm non slip area to step on when you get out of the shower. By using genuine rubber feet (not a cheap synthetic version) you can create a safe bathroom environment. These are my favourite reasons for using a Western Red Cedar Bath Mat. Go ahead and try one, you may never look back.