A Structurally Well Crafted Cedar Bath Mat And Bath Caddy

A Structurally Well Crafted Cedar Bath Mat And Bath Caddy

21st Nov 2013

There is a material that has been found that is as beautiful as it is functional. This material requires zero maintenance, like oiling or staining. It's very tough, well-crafted, weather resistant and it's a product that has been built to last. We at Cedar Magic have taken this material and have been building amazing products with it since 1988. We've been designing and manufacturing for many years now. We make the highest quality furniture, accessories and housewares from sustainable western red cedar. We are extremely proud of these products because of the amazingly great feedback we get! 

If you want a bath mat that will prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself, then this cedar bath mat and bath caddy are destined for your purchase. This cedar bath mat is one that will not get mouldy. It's also something that you won’t have to clean all the time. It's this breakthrough product that has become a fantastic solution for all of your bath mat issues. We can make gorgeous, durable and functional products with Western Red Cedar that are designed to last an entire lifetime. Our non-slip bath mats are unbelievable when it comes to crafstmanship and performance. It has the ability to dry quickly and naturally by absorbing water. It's make-up resists mould and mildew, providing your bathroom with a clean atmosphere. They actually require zero maintenance and they are made to withstand a lot of weight. They are glued and screwed, handmade for quality and feature genuine rubber feet for a no-slip grip.  

These little beauties are made from Western Red Cedar, absorb water, dry naturally and resist mould! There is nothing but perks and benefits from ordering this uniquely crafted bathroom accessory. We also specialise in custom made sizing to suit any bathroom.

We have a 5 year warranty on all of our products! So you can just buy one and if you don't like it, you can always return it! We encourage you to browse through our selection and start your Cedar Magic handmade collection today!

cedar bath mat and bath caddy